Six Pack Shortcuts Review

Having a great lean body is a dream for most people, yet many are not willing to work for it. Others just want to have a great body along with a six pack, yet they end up focusing on the wrong things due to which they are unable to achieve their goals. Many people are able to get rid of the belly fat but are still unable to get the six packs they so desire. However, Mike Chang has come up with the ultimate solution to this problem and developed an easy and a simple way to help you achieve six packs in no time, without spending too much money or wasting time following strict and boring diet plans.

We made the definitive Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Review.

Who is Mike Chang?

mike chang

Mike Chang

Mike Chang is a well known name when it comes to fitness, training and of course, for abs and six packs in particular. His name is extremely popular on Facebook and YouTube and his fitness channel has about 3.3 million subscribers as of now! He himself has a great and a well developed physique which can tell that he is not a beginner but has achieved his own goals by working hard and building his muscles the right way.

There are so many people who have benefitted from his techniques for losing their stubborn belly fat and achieving their much desired six packs abs in the most efficient and the fastest way possible. He has also helped people achieve their dreams of power lifting, weight training and body building. By helping, guiding and mentoring them and providing them the right type of information.

Why are there so many fitness failures?

As we have already mentioned, there are so many people who fail at trying to achieve their fitness goals no matter how hard they try. Whether they follow strict diets or spends hours at the gym, they are not able to achieve their goals and many give up in the end.

Others end up spending exorbitant amounts of money on personal trainers and gym memberships, only to be duped in the end. Mike Chang has however figured out how this can be solved and why so many people are unable to achieve their dream bodies even after working out so much and doing the “right” thing.

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According to Mike Chang, it is actually the imbalanced hormonal level that ends up causing these failures. Nobody can be blamed for this as this is a completely natural phenomenon but it may be due to age or a person’s genetics or even due to a previous medical condition.

The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a program that helps to tackle this problem relating to the hormonal imbalance and provides the ultimate solution to achieving the six packs that we so desire. Hormones are necessary in order to maintain the stamina as well as the high levels of energy and there are absolutely no fitness or diet plans that can work if your hormones are not in balance.

six pack shortcuts logo

Six Pack Shortcuts

The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program is made specifically to target those people who have such hormonal imbalances and it helps the users to optimize the fat burning hormones in men by providing them with specific meal plans to follow along with particular types of exercises.

How to optimize your fat burning hormones

According to Mike Chang, there are three things you must stop doing if you want to optimize the hormones which help you to burn fat. So no matter what type of training you are doing or what diet you are following you must follow the below mentioned three steps in order to accelerate your fat loss.

Do not cut down the calories very rapidly

Majority of the people commit the mistake of following a very strict and restrictive diet when they are trying to achieve fat loss. According to Mike Chang, this can actually have a reverse effect and end up packing in more calories and more fat on your belly. Research suggests that the leptin levels in the body go down by 30% in the first few days of dieting and this means you will end up adding fat straight away to the belly.

Do not do low fat diets

Restricting fatty foods from your diet can actually have an opposite effect. While most people cut down on fats while they are dieting Mike Chang suggests it should actually be the reverse and they should be adding more fat to their diets. For males, having T hormones is vital for losing fat from their body and for building muscles.

No workouts which cause disruptions in hormones

Some of the most popular work outs can actually harm the hormonal balance in your body. Moreover, if the workout or the exercises are too extreme or intense then it can actually trigger production of the stress hormone in the body and that makes the body end up storing more levels of fat.

How does The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 work?

One of the greatest features of this plan, apart from its effectiveness, is the fast results it provides. It took Mike Chang years to discover and develop this unique plan which will help the user with the following features:

  • It provides three easy and simple to do steps that will help you to achieve six packs, without having to spend hours at the gym or to struggle with strict diet plans which are too boring or too restrictive to follow.
  • It provides ways to burn off the belly fat and to regain the confidence to enjoy the life you want to lead.
  • It also helps to educate the user how to deal with the hormonal imbalance by overcoming the poor genetics and how to get a six pack body, even if you have had a bulging tummy before
  • It helps to provide information about how to put the body in a complete fat burning mode by optimizing the fat burning hormones.
  • It provides specific forms of workout exercises as well as training that does not require any form of equipment and all of these exercises help to achieve rapid fat loss and helps to increase the mass of muscles in your body.

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This workout plan is quite easy to do but Mike is quite clear to say that the user will only get what they put in, so the more effort they put in the better will be the results.  The more you are able to challenge yourself and to push yourself to do better and to do more, the results would come faster and be more prominent. This program is however quite intensive but with definite results!

Why choose Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program

There are many programs, diet plans and other fitness techniques that are available in the market and over the internet to purchase easily. Six Pack Shortcuts 2, however, is one of its kinds. Why you should choose this over the others is simply because of the following advantages it has over various diet and fitness plans.


  • It incorporates some tried and tested techniques like dead lifts and squats.
  • Mike Chang is quite entertaining to watch and to follow.
  • It has a mobile application which makes helps to stay in touch and provide easy access.
    60 days money back guaranteed

    60 days money back guaranteed

  • Workout DVDs available for free if you pay shipping charges
  • The program is equipped with 5 bonus offers
  • There is a nutritional plan included which advises what to eat
  • This program is available at a discounted 70% off rate
  • It is equipped with a 100% money back guarantee
  • It is a 90 day plan which guarantees a great body if followed properly


  • Too much emphasis is placed on the after burn effect
  • Some of the users have complained the exercises shown in the videos are not taught properly
  • There is not much emphasis on the diet plan and more focus on the strength training

What helps to boost fat burning hormones?

With the assistance with a medical doctor, Mike Chang discovered a natural type of hormonal training that would help to support and to optimize the hormonal levels quickly. This way he figured out that if people are aware of the right type of exercise to do for their body type, they would be able to burn off more calories when they are working out and be able to control the production of the two most important fat burning hormones. Mike then suggested the two fat burning exercises mentioned below:

Compound training

In this type of exercises, a person is using two or three important groups of muscles, all simultaneously. This helps to not just double but may even triple the amount of fat that can be burned off. It is important to remember that the more muscles you can stimulate at one time, the more calories you would be able to burn fast.

Moreover, this not just helps to burn more calories at the same time but it also provides a higher level of muscular activation which is able to trigger instantly and to boost the person’s hormonal system 24 to 48 hours after their workout.

When you compare the compound exercise to the regular exercises, you can see the difference and feel that the total muscles that are active during the compound exercises are a lot more. This will also make you feel that you are able to secrete more hormones that are fat burning and also be able to achieve more fat burning through these exercises.

Such exercises are also quite important in helping to boost the male hormones.

Special Offer

The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program is a great way of losing fat and making muscles. This means you do not have to spend hours at the gym wasting your time doing the training which probably has no effect on your fat loss. Moreover, gym memberships along with a trainer to guide you cost a lot more and are not something that an average person can maintain over a course of time.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 however, not just guarantees fast results in a practical manner, but also does so in a way that is achievable – by selling at an affordable price that majority of the people can purchase. The regular price of this package costs about $197 which is still better than a lot other options in the market. However, if you do purchase this now, you can get it at a discount where you get 70% off! This means this great package is available only at a price of $59.95! Not just that, Six Pack Shortcuts 2 package is available long with these free bonus packs:

Bonus 1 : 2 weeks free of the Six Pack’s Meal

six pack meal plan

Six pack meal plan

A lot of times people are not sure what to eat and what not to eat when they are trying to achieve a certain weight loss goal. Moreover, eating the right things can actually boost your metabolism and help you to achieve your goals faster.

In this bonus pack, Mike Chang has included a meal plan for the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 in order to provide the users a boost for the after burn effect and so help them to get rid of their stubborn belly fat faster. It includes everything that would help you to use the fat burning hormones and he has made them in live meal plan videos which the users can watch to prepare their favorite foods step by step. Most of all, the meal plans suggested are quick to prepare and at a fraction of the cost of eating out.

Bonus 2: Accelerated Abs

The second bonus that is included in this pack is the Arm blaster training program as well as the accelerated abs program. This helps to target the lower body area with around 21 different workouts which are easy to follow and for 5 minutes only. Moreover, these are good for beginners, intermediate as well as for the advanced users.

Bonus 3: Arm Blaster

arm blaster

Arm blaster

Trying to get rid of belly fat while having wobbly or fat arms is something everybody strives for. Having lean muscles in your arms is a must when you are aiming for a whole body workout plan and your six packs are incomplete if you do not have a lean upper body with it. This workout aims at providing the users with lean and ripped arms which is quite easy to follow and explained perfectly!

Bonus 4: Mobile App for Six Packs

Since everything works with smart phones and it makes life more convenient, what can be better than having your workouts on your phone so you can do them whenever and whereever you want. The mobile app that is included with this program is quite simple and easy to use and only takes about a second to download on your phones. It comes with great features such as alarms that you can schedule to remind you of your workouts and this way, there is no excuse for ever forgetting or missing out on your trainings!

Bonus 5: Instant Online Access and A set of DVDs

When you purchase this Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program you get instant access to a member’s only website as well as work out DVDs for absolutely free! While the DVDs are being shipped to the users, they can simply watch and take advantage of their access to the website through which they can have uninterrupted access to the work out videos, since it is member only.


six pack shortcuts dvd set

Six pack shortcuts dvd set

The Six Pack Shortcuts 2 workout program is currently available at a discount of 70% which is really a great bargain. Moreover, with 5 great bonus offers along with a 100% money back guarantee, it does not get better than this. It is an offer that should be availed for all those who are looking to have a ripped body with six pack abs and muscles. This program really works especially for those who have given up trying to build up a muscular and lean body and have tried gyms, trainers and all possible diet plans.

This plan should definitely be given a chance as it works wonders for all those who have tried it; most of the customers who have used this program had remarkable results to show. To conclude, it is a diet plan along with a fitness regime that must be followed to the core and with discipline or else it would be hard for this plan to work.

Like all other programs, in order for this to be effective, you must be willing to follow this as it is suggested. It is not a very easy journey; however with determination obvious results are seen in most people that are long lasting.

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